Evaluating the Success of SmartStream System at Belize Treasury Department

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Karen Cienfuegos Roseanna Suzanna Gonzalez Felipe Euan Ellie Banner Aurora Ariola Chan


Evaluating the success of information systems has become an essential part for many organizations not only in Belize but around the globe.  A research has been conducted on the information success of SmartStream Systems at Belize Treasury Department. Data was collected from 30 working employees from Treasury Department in, Belize City, Orange-Walk and Corozal Branches by means of questionnaires. This study provides an empirical test of an adaptation of DeLone and McLean; success model in the context of SmartStream Information System. The model consists of six constructs which are information quality, system quality, service quality, user satisfaction, use, and perceived benefits.  The two other constructs added were the complimentary technology quality and self-efficacy measure. The SmartStream information system being used by Treasury Department allows finance officers and treasury employees to conduct financial accounting processes much more effectively and efficiently. The aim of this research is to determine the benefit and value that SmartStream Systems add to the success of Treasury Department which resulted to be successful. The conclusion of this paper addresses the success of the majority of the responses which shows that more employees at Treasury Department find SmartStream systems to be helpful and beneficial.

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