Research on effectiveness of Information Systems in the Airline Industry (Tropic Air)

MIS Research- CRM Systems


  • Cindy Loribelle Osgalla University of Belize


This paper introduces Zenith for information systems used by Tropic Air as part of the Global Distribution Systems(GDS). It deals with the business process of search in reviewing customer related services. As part of collecting secondary data, a literature review in detail was carried out to assess the success of Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) in the airline industry. This helped in formulating clarity on concepts for the research. For this purpose, various articles consumed good amounts of time such as website articles, documents and interviews with management in the related field (Tropic Air) to further understand its success. The proposed research follows the systematic data processing approach comprising three major stages: 1) literature gathering and screening), 2) processing (following Delone and Mclean Module), and 3) Data Analysis. This paper provides the rationale for the effective use of Information Systems at Tropic Air to successfully carry out  customer relationships. The paper concludes by providing arguments for the value of an effective literature review to IS research on airlines.







Management Information Systems