Effectiveness of Landfolio Information System at The Ministry of Natural Resources, Lands Registry Dept.

Landfolio Information System Effectiveness


  • Venancio Jacob Ack University of Belize
  • Sandra J Ramirez University of Belize
  • James C Marin



In recent years, information systems (IS) encompass one of the main fields of study in an organization, caused by the need to identify their organizational value. Therefore, in this research and based on a theoretical review, a questionnaire is developed for the evaluation of the success of the Landfolio Information System for The Ministry of Natural Resources, Land Registry Department, to determine the effectiveness of the IS in order to achieve organizational results. To reach this goal, the Convenience Sampling technique was used through a survey made to Seven (7) units within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Belize. The results obtained allow deducing that the department pays more attention to precisely imputing data in the Landfolio System, trying to improve the quality of the system to best suit the business process, and using information gathered to make daily decisions for the successful operation of the department. This work contributes to the literature on the measurement of the success of the IS in the context of a country with an emerging economy, particularly by allowing to identify in a broader manner the measurement of its effectiveness and its incidence in the business performance

Key words: Organization, Information system, Landfolio, Effectiveness






Management Information Systems