Efficiency and Effectiveness of Management Information Systems for Builders' Hardware

Efficiency and Effectiveness of Management Information systems for Builder's Hardware


  • Laureli Amy Patt University of Belize
  • Melisa Mabel De Leon University of Belize
  • Diona Bell University of Belize
  • Jorge Sosa University of Belize
  • Kharby Bernardez University of Belize



Sage DacEasy is a complete and integrated management software with a set of cohesive tools for simplified and effective business management. It encompasses an accounting edition, payroll edition, business edition, and the complete edition (Sage, 2011).  This management software integrates all the capabilities to successfully manage many business processes into one comprehensive framework, thus allowing any business to work as a single unit. This management system is the one used by the biggest construction and hardware retail store in the Cayo District, Builders Hardware Limited. Most business management software needs to be customized or retrofitted to be as effective and efficient for the persons using it, and builders Hardware has done just that to theirs. It has grown their business, ensured that their data is accurate and secure, it provides automated reporting, administrative, and usability functions and is extremely useful to all sales teams that use this tool to fill all their orders in a day to day basis. This management information system has proven to be highly resourceful, so much that the company is not planning to upgrade or replace it anytime soon or in the long run.






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