Measuring the Success of the Learning System “Moodle” at the University of Belize


  • Andrella Azucena Juan University of Belize
  • Casy Alegria University of Belize
  • Carmelita Waight University of Belize
  • Michelle Guzman University of Belize
  • Kidia Navarette University of Belize


Information system success, University of Belize, Moodle, Learning Management System, construct


Technology has opened a new path for education, allowing it to be more interactive and offering support.  This study seeks to determine the success of the learning system “Moodle” at the University of Belize, by using DeLone and Mclean’s Information System Success Model. The model encompasses six aspects of information success which include: information quality, system quality, service quality, use, user satisfaction, and perceived net benefits. Our study contributes two dimensions to the model which are: computer self-efficacy and complementary technology quality. A total of fifty questionnaires were randomly distributed to students at University of Belize’s Central Campus. Thereafter, data analysis and results revealed that “Moodle” is moderately effective at attaining UB’s organizational goals.






Management Information Systems