Evaluating the Success of Belize’s Telecommunication Companies Information System: The Formula Telecommunication Service


  • Kathian Juan student
  • Elida Espinoza
  • Danielle Cano
  • Chelsea Romero
  • Uriel Catzim


Formula Telecommunication System, DeLone & McLean’s, Telecommunication Company


Formula Telecommunication system is a platform that companies in the telecommunication industry use to facilitate workers as it includes information about all the customers and gives information on how well they are performing.  This software is used at the Telecommunication Company in Belize to add value to their organization.  This study uses Delone & McLean information Success Model as a tool to assess the overall performance of the Formula Telecommunication system at the telecommunication company. The model includes 8 dimensions which are: Information quality, system quality, service quality, user satisfaction, use, perceived net benefits, complementary technology quality, and computer self-efficacy.  This research paper was performed through the use of Questionnaires that were given to the company's employees. The result gave a variety of results in which the majority of the users were satisfied while some users expressed the feeling that there is room for improvement, these results were transmitted through user satisfaction.  This research, therefore, portrays that the success rate of the Formula Telecommunication system is moderately high since users have given it an overall good rating, and since it also helps them achieve their organizational goals.   






Management Information Systems