MIND Billing System


  • Renee Rebecca Berry University of Belize


While a great amount of research has been done on Information Systems success, minor research has been conducted on the MIND Billing System success within organizations.

            This study provides factual analysis on Delone and McLean’s MIND Billing System Information System success model. The model consists of 8 dimensions which are: Information quality, System quality, Complementary Technology quality, Service quality, User satisfaction, Use, Perceived Net Benefits, and Average Response. The data collected by survey is from 30 employees from different BTL branches across Belize City. The hypothesized relationship, if MIND Billing System is a success, is shared between the 8 success variables are significantly supported by data. The findings provide several important implications for the Billing System. This paper concludes by discussing the limitations of the study, and the improvement that can be made and should be addressed in future research. The outcome of the Information System was successful within BTL as the users were satisfied which made us meet all of our objectives and hypothesis correct. From the data analyzed, it was consistent with an average 5 out of 7. This information will be helpful to MIND Billing System as it is valuable feedback that can help them improve in some areas.







Management Information Systems