Information Success Model: Evaluating the Success of Smart Stream system at The Central Information Technology Office.


  • Marthalicia Vasquez University of Belize
  • Diane Oxley University of Belize
  • Kalia Brandon University of Belize
  • Kadine Hyde University of Belize
  • John Downs University of Belize
  • Shanine Bainton University of Belize


An investigation has been conducted out on the information success of SmartStream Systems at the Central Information Technology Office in Belmopan through questionnaires. This research offers an analytical examination of the application of Delone and Mclean; a performance guide for the SmartStream Information System. The model consists of eight (8) constructs which are information quality, system quality, complementary technology quality, computer self-efficiency measure, service quality, user satisfaction, use, and perceived benefits. The SmartStream Information System utilized by the Central Information Technology Office helps managers, administrators, and support workers to perform accounting, staffing, payroll and conventional of day-to-day activities with more computerized processes much more effectively and efficiently.  The ultimate aim of this study is to assess the efficacy of this initiative for all government agencies and to evaluate the profit and importance that SmartStream Systems has contributed to the performance of the Central Information Technology Office, which has been productive. The conclusion of this paper addresses the success of the majority of the responses, which show that more staff at the Central Information Technology Office find SmartStream systems to be useful and beneficial.






Management Information Systems