The Success of PeopleSoft Information System at the Belize Telemedia Ltd.


  • Rhemi Ashley Young University of Belize
  • Jasmine Baiza University of Belize
  • Vayda Eck University of Belize
  • Luwana Lino University of Belize
  • Randy Vega University of Belize


Information systems are used all around the world but as it relates to Belize,  many  organizations and companies in Belize are beginning to learn the importance of information systems and have are implementing them. Information systems can be costly especially if employees will be trained to use them in the most effective and efficient manner. Information systems add value to these organizations and companies which in return increases their productivity. This paper focuses on the information system PeopleSoft that is utilized by Belize Telemedia Ltd. which is a telecommunications company in Belize; in correspondence with the DeLeon and McLean Information Systems Success Model. The model consists of eight categories which are information quality, system quality, complementary technology quality, computer self-efficacy measure, service quality, user satisfaction, user, perceived net benefit. This model was used in questionnaires completed by 30 employees that being 15 male and female equally at Belize Telemedia Ltd.  in order to determine PeopleSoft's performance. From the data collected, it shows that 74% out of a 100% were satisfied with the the PeopleSoft system.






Management Information Systems