Evaluation of a Customer Relationship Management System: The Case of a Telecommunication Organization in Belize

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Tyra Lee Andra Smith Keana Flowers Kareena Robinson Sherilee Rivero


Customer Relationship Management Systems are used by organizations to collect, analyze and manage customer related information by using information technology to satisfy customer needs and establish a long term and mutually beneficial relationship between the organization and its customers. The CRM system is also used as an approach or process to learn, manage and improve the relationship with current customers and aims at gaining new customers in order to enhance and increase customer loyalty and profitability. Although developing countries use the CRM system, the success rate of the system in such countries are unknown. The study provides a quantitative research, which is executed to determine the success rate of a CRM system in a telecommunications company that is located in developing country with the assistance of the six constructs from the DeLone and McLean Information System Success Model, which are Information Quality, System Quality, Service Quality, User Satisfaction, Use, and Perceived Benefits. There were also two additional constructs, which are Complimentary Technology Quality and Self-Efficacy Measure. This research is important since it will provide information on the usefulness and success of a CRM system within an organization of a developing country. Furthermore, with the help of the research, organizations using the CRM system will be able to identify the factors that causes a CRM system success or failure. This research analyze an organization that is located in a developing country that is using a CRM system while performing at a successful rate while attaining its organizational goals. In addition, the research results revealed that the two additional constructs are a necessity in developing countries as it affects the success rate of the CRM system. Based on the results, the Customer Relationship Management System is satisfactory and reliable.

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