An Evaluation of a Telecommunication Company's Mobile 4G Internet Device: A Users Perspective

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Shenera Joshlyn Bregal Ashley Alexis Middleton Nancy Nayellie Perez Curly Tiffan Guy Euan Dajour Thompson


As technology is constantly evolving, so are the devices and services needed to complement such
technological evolution. Contemporary technology requires connection the to internet, whether
via a landline, wireless, or mobile. As a result of such internet connection requirement, the
demand and need for access to internet is high. One company that ventured into such a business
is SMART Belize. SMART Belize was established on March 14th, 2005 under the brand
'Speednet Communications'. SMART is aimed at not only ending the communications monopoly
in Belize, but also to provide the best high-quality wireless communication in Belize. SMAR\T
has an approximated customer base of 11,000. According to Friedemann Mattern and
Christian Floerkemeier concept regarding 'internet of things', the popular MiFi is a great
example. The MiFi is described as a wireless router that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot for
internet connection. The MiFi is definitely an example of a device with an on/off switch.
The MiFi device was introduced in the USA in 2009 and SMART introduced the device in
Belize early 2013. The MiFi is a beneficial device that offers a service of convenience to
customers requiring internet connection and access. The MiFi highlights the growth and
development of the information and communication sector as internet access was restricted to
LAN connections the WLAN and now mobile connection that can be accessed wherever a cell
tower is located. SMART Belize adapted the MiFi device in an effort to allow customers internet
access wherever they travel within the country. The device is activated by recharging or
purchasing credit from the SMART platform by dialing specific codes. The purchase of various
data plans ranging from $1.25 to $160.00 offers customers the pleasure of selecting their
preferred or needed plan. The device works similar to a wireless router as it provides a wireless
internet connection. However, the MiFi limits the number of devices that may be connected at
once. A maximum of 8-10 devices can be connected and granted internet access. Also, the MiFi
can be taken anywhere as it is small, portable and has a flexible recharging plan. The MiFi
allows one to have internet access via an on/off switch, allows for easy recharging via advanced
technology and communication, and it allows access to the internet.

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