A Study on the success of Abacus at Ecumenical College, Stann Creek

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Shanice Tannisha West Nia Coreen Sabal


Monitoring the success of information systems is important for management and administrations. Past researchers have proved that user satisfaction, system use and performance are factors of information system success. This research provides an analysis on the adaptation of De Lone and McLean's IS success model in the framework of Abacus JC information system. The model consist of seven dimensions: information quality, system quality, service quality, use, user satisfaction, and perceived net benefit. Abacus JC is a web based system that is used by students to keep up to date with their grades and their class attendance. The research aim is to determine the success level of Abacus system used at Ecumenical College (ECU). Questionnaires were given to 30 participants to determine the net benefit the Abacus student information systems provide to the students at Ecumenical College. This research established results, which should be concentrated in future research.

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WEST, Shanice Tannisha; SABAL, Nia Coreen. A Study on the success of Abacus at Ecumenical College, Stann Creek. Proceedings of the Conference for MIS@UB, [S.l.], v. 3, n. 1, may 2019. Available at: <http://ojs.ub.edu.bz/index.php/PRNDC/article/view/275>. Date accessed: 18 jan. 2020.