Dobl Benk is a literary journal that publishes creative non-fiction and poetry. Submissions are drawn primarily from University of Belize student work. Guest contributions are welcome.

The journal’s aim is to provide an outlet and forum to display student work. Other objectives include fostering literary and artistic production, constructive critical dialogue, and the dissemination of the arts.

Vol 1 No 1 (2017): Dobl Benk

Dobl Benk publishes pure grade
Belizean Literature in electronic
format. If printed, it ought at least
cost its weight in gold. The
publication is supported by the
Department of Languages and
Literature of the Faculty of Education
and Arts of the University of Belize.

Published: 2017-09-29

Table of Contents

Christopher L De Shield


Christopher L De Shield



Christopher L De Shield

The Ultimate Colony

Courtney Eldora Gillett

How to Flip the Script

Sheryl Ann Leslie



Rudolph Janir Rodríguez

On Anxiety

Sheenah Shahirah Habet


Torn Between Two Devils

Shane Devon Williams


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Christopher L De Shield
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