Evaluating BHIS System Success


  • Angelica Delcine Lopez University of Belize


This paper conducts a study on the IS Success of the Belize Health Information System used at Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) specifically. BHIS is an IS used by BCVI and many other healthcare facilities. An extended amount of research has been done globally, however, limited research can be found on information systems in developing countries, such as Belize. As a result, this paper aims to contribute to the body of knowledge and evaluate how well BHIS is being utilized at BCVI and its effectiveness. In doing so, a quantitative research approach was taken. The tool used to collect the necessary data was a survey and the framework used to analyze the data was the Delone and McLean model. This research was extended to understand Information systems not only in Belize, but also in other developing countries. Overall, the results showed that BHIS improves the productivity of the employees at BCVI and majority of them find themselves dependent on the IS to perform their duties.