The Research paper Measuring the Effectiveness of Belize Telemedia Limited’s Digicell services in Belize


  • Timothy Chukwuka Uwaje University of Belize


This research paper will be providing an in debt look at how the corporation’s Digicell (BTL) service are viewed through the eyes of the customer within the Belize district. A questionnaire was used for collecting data, out of the forty nine surveys that were distributed among students of the University of Belize as well as other work professionals, all forty nine of the surveys we retrieved and completed. The study revealed that majority of the respondents had mobile phones which also had Internet facility on them and use other services that Digicell provides. The study further confirmed that most of the respondents constantly purchase data (internet) for leisure (social media) and communication. In addition the study revealed that Digicell users are fairly satisfied with the service the company provides. The study recommends that further research should focus on quantitative data in terms of the country’s overall benefit by using the service BTL provides.