The Evaluation of the Success of an Online Communication System

Courts Belize Limited


  • Francelia Veronica Bolon University of Belize


information systems, information systems success model, communication system, developing countries, competitive advantage, CoSacs system


They are over 100,000 customers who are successfully using the Future Applied Computer Technology Enterprise Resource Planning for the Next Generation (FACT ERG.NG) by Software International Pte Ltd FACT ERG.NG. The software consist of six different functions such as Financial Accounting, Warehousing and Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Fixed Assets Management and Reports. The research focus on the employee’s internal experience using the software and its overall performance in areas such as system quality, information quality as well as user compatibility. The aim was to see if the software improve the overall experience or made it more complicated. In the end we should be able to determine the most favorable aspect of the software. This paper was developed to conduct a research of the effectiveness and efficiency of the management information system at a regional country based in Belize. Courts Belize is a retail company providing home appliances to the entire country of Belize. The system operated by the company to ensure communication, customer satisfaction and that work is being done is known as a CoSacs System. From the results make recommendations on what can be improve for future reference. The research was conducted at Courts Belize Limited and the participants were employees of the organization. In conclusion, the paper summarizes the outcome of the results as well as the limitation of the research.