The Xenegrade System at UB



  • Karen Melisa Rodriguez University of Belize


Xenegrade, Innovations, Data, ICTs


Management Information System (MIS) is the study of people, technology, and organizations. This research will allow us to observe the Information system (IS) and how countries have endeavoured to profit by Data and Correspondence Innovations (ICTs). Also, how data framework operates regarding online organizations, and furthermore how data frameworks are used to accomplish and makes individual's life less complex. Research has shown hypothetical views with reference to how to the study Data and Correspondence Innovations (ICTs) is used in developing nations, to differentiate existing work, recognize negative aspect, and recommend future development. These developers add to the essential objective stage on how ICTs and Data Frameworks specifically, can have a favourable result in the developing nations. This will help us illustrate how Xenegrade is perceived.