The Effectiveness of Utilizing the Moodle Learning Management System for Students at the University of Belize


  • Vivian Cal University Of Belize
  • Luis Cho University of Belize
  • Sasha Cadle University of Belize
  • Roy Chavez University of Belize
  • Shinelly Chan University of Belize
  • Sheena Cab University of Belize


Task Technology Fit, Learning Management Systems, Moodle, Performance Impacts, Operational Successes


It is necessary for schools to invest in information technology (IS) so as to enhance online studies for students. The use of technology has rapidly increased which has created a need to evaluate the performance of Learning Management systems (LMS) used within the University of Belize students. This study is based on the model which focuses mainly on the subject Task technology Fit (TTF) which includes the following categories: Task Characteristics, Technology Characteristics, Individual Characteristics. In connection to these categories, it was further examined the Utilization and Performance impacts to measure the average of Task Technology Fit (TTF), Impact, Consequence and Consumerization. TTF focuses on the match between user task needs and the available functionality of the IT. The purpose of this investigation is to analyze the overall learning platform Moodle that has been instigated at UB’s online education for students in order to have successful operational excellence. This research consists of survey data gathered from seventy eight students to measure use and use-related aspects of an e-learning tool. As a result of these findings, it was proposed that the usage of LMS within the educational institution has contributed to increase in consumerization of technology to continue a higher success in e-learning. Therefore, the University of Belize has proven to be even more successful in online studies as it improves productivity and efficiency.