A Task–technology Fit View of Learning Management System Impact on UB Students


  • sheffield Brown University of Belize
  • Cindy Rowland University of Belize
  • Shamae Somerville University of Belize
  • George Ezewudo University of Belize
  • Nyesha Hyde University of Belize


In higher education, many teachers and students use learning management systems (LMSs) which is a platform for e-learning. In any case, a lot of the research on LMSs has had an innovation center or has been restricted to ponders of appropriation. Therefore, research is needed which looks at the roles of LMSs. One of the factors that has appeared to impact both the utilization of information systems and their execution impacts is task-technology fit. In this paper, the study described the utilization of technology-to-performance chain as a system to address the questions of how task–technology fit impacts the performance impacts of LMSs. The results of this study will show the significance of task-technology fit in e-learning. However, while it showed that it had a great effect on what is believed of LMS, when it comes to the students' grades it was poor. Opposite to desires, encouraging conditions and common social standards did not play a part within the execution impacts of LMSs. Be that as it may, educators’ standards had a critical impact on seen effect on learning by means of LMS usage.