Microsoft Teams Transforming Education-Measuring the Success of Microsoft Teams as a Learning Management System


  • adrian coleman university of Belize


Teaching impact, Microsoft teams, Task technology fit, sumerization attitude Educational institution, Belize, Learning Management System, ELearning


The rapid expansion of technology has come a long way, changing the traditional way of face to face classes. This study makes use of the Goodhue & Thompson Information System Success Model to evaluate the effectiveness of Microsoft Teams at an educational institution. The model encompasses four constructs: task technology fit, Consumerization attitude, the Expected consequence of LMS, and perceived impact. The purpose of the investigation is to determine if the Microsoft team is successful and useful in Muffles College High School. The data collection was done in a simplified way by the use of questionnaires which were online and only took the instructors ten minutes to complete. Results indicated that MS teams is indeed successful since it demonstrated the confidence the instructors had in their skills and also increasing operational excellence. Therefore, Microsoft teams have proven to be successful and effective in an educational institution.