An Evaluation of Lecturers’ Perceptions on Learning Management System


  • Alfonso Pop University of Belize


Technology, Task-technology fit, Learning Management System, Utilization


With the advancement and evolving use of technology, more tasks are accomplished effectively and efficiently using information technology tools. Learning is one of such tasks. Learning Management Systems have placed significant roles in many businesses and recently many schools has adapted these tools to deliver effective and efficient online teaching considering the current pandemic situation. The purpose of this research paper is to identify lecturers' perceptions on the use of learning management systems, (LMS) to also identify the technology-to-performance chain or in other words how task–technology fit influences the performance impacts of LMS. Hence, the objective of this research is to determine lecturers' attitudes toward the use of learning management systems (LMS) at Toledo Community College. To address this objective the rest of this research gives a better understanding of the learning management system and how it is executed where as the sum of 66 virtual questionnaires created utilizing Google form to teachers enrolled at the Toledo Community College. The Methodology was then used to analyze the collected data and create recommendations and conclusions. The results collected of the survey were later analyzed, tabulated and summarized with the use of the descriptive statistical data analysis which was used to describe the basic features of the data collected whilst conducting the survey. The data was interpreted and summarized in the discussion and conclusion to present the main findings from the results of the survey. The research on lecturer’s perceptions on task-technology fit view of Learning Management Systems assist an individual in understanding the importance and usage of Learning Management Systems. Additionally, it addresses how it’s perceived impacts and utilization influences performance.