Consumerization Attitude Effect on Task-technology Fit: A Study of the Learning Management System at St. John's College


  • Ismara Romero University of Belize
  • Diovanna Ack University of Belize
  • Khadijah Reynolds University of Belize
  • Azia Noralez University of Belize
  • Kaison Ortiz University of Belize
  • Jahwil Nunez University of Belize


With a global pandemic on the rise, academic institutions are forced to adapt a reliable Learning Management System (LMS) that will fit well with the e-learning platform. The purpose of this research is to examine the consumerization attitude effect on Task-technology Fit of the LMS at St. John’s College. This study sought to evaluate the technological fit of the system, and how students perceive its effectiveness and validity. The data obtained assisted in understanding the consumerization effects while understanding the advancement of LMS. Data obtained was mostly positive as students indicated that they found the system of much assistance while learning online. Majority did not find the need for multiple systems, but instead felt that one is effective. The LMS utilized within the institution can be further advanced to improve the technology use and reflects on the usefulness expressed by students. While there is room for improvement, students expressed satisfaction and willingness to continue using the system.