Evaluating the Success of the Learning Management System Utilized at the University of Belize


  • Aldair Blanco University of Belize
  • Godfrey Davis University of Belize
  • Ashley Flowers University of Belize
  • Muriel Chulin University of Belize
  • Shanice Cox University of Belize


Technology has opened gates to many possibilities and distant learning is one, allowing an interactive and offering a huge amount of support in the education system. This study seeks to decide the accomplishment of the learning framework “Moodle” at the University of Belize and overall satisfaction from its consumers. We take a closer look at how the use of Moodle, Learning Management System (LMS) influences and affects lecturers employed at the University of Belize. What we already know, based on previous literature, is that LMS has a positive impact, but on students. Our research bases our findings focusing on the teachers and the positive influence and impact that LMS has on them as a teacher, and on their teaching performance. Therefore, based on our quantitative research, we can say that LMS has a positive impact on majority of teachers at UB, to the point where they prefer to use the LMS of their choice.