Identify the Learning Management system used by Muffles Junior College and to assess the teachers preferred method of teaching while determining the effectiveness of Online learning.

Learning Management System at Muffles Junior College


  • Luannie Castillo University of Belize
  • Daisy Garcia University of Belizw
  • Indira Neal University of Belize
  • Wenthworth Chang University of Belize
  • Justin Herrera University of Belize
  • Mario Cruz University of Belize


Learning management systems, virtual learning, effectiveness


The recent out break of the Corona Virus worldwide has placed an abrupt paused on the day-to-day living of everyone. Where social distancing has become mandatory it was crucial for schools to close, but the learning did not stop, everything is now being done virtually. Muffles Junior College was focused on to determine how the transition to online learning has impacted education and their views on how it contributes to learning. It was determined that the learning management used by Muffles Junior College was Moodle and the teachers used zoom so that they can host lectures. The teachers displayed that virtual lectures were not as effective as face to face learning and that they would refrain from teaching online courses if not mandatory. The research conducted revealed that online learning is easier but not effective for the learning of the students, hence it is recommended that classes return to face-to face to improve the level of education being offered to the students.