Research for University of Belize: Students Perception And Evaluation Of Moodle Learning Management System


  • Kendra Zetina University of Belize
  • Ernese Westby University of Belize
  • Shaquille Williams University of Belize
  • Manoellie Torres University of Belize
  • Liani Mesh University of Belize


Learning management systems (LMSs) is a software application designed especially for online learning. It is mostly used in higher education. There is diverse research conducted on LMSs that has been technologically based rather than to adoption. Task technology fit is a method that evaluates the effectiveness of technology in the system by acquiring the relationship between the technology and the task the technology aims to support. The purpose of this research paper is to utilize the technology performance chain as a framework to acknowledge the question of how task technology fit influences the performance impacts of LMSs. The results contributed the importance of task technology fit, which had a positive impact on learning both synchronous and asynchronous. Even though task technology fit had a positive influence in learning the only feebleness was on the outcome terms of the grades. Students showed acceptance towards the utilization of Moodle LMS at the University, but it also provided information that the idea of a different LMS was also considered by students. The Impacts of Moodle and its user-friendly feature was highly rated by students of the University.