Lecturers’ perceptions on the usage of Microsoft Teams to conduct online learning at the Corozal Community College


  • Ulani University of Belize


E-Learning, Lecturers, Online Learning Platform, Microsoft Teams


Educational institutions across the world have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic jeopardizing the academic calendars. Most institutions have shifted to online learning platforms to keep academic activities going. However, the questions about the preparedness, designing, and effectiveness of e- learning are still not clearly understood, particularly for a developing country like Belize, where the technical constraints like suitability of devices and bandwidth availability possess a serious challenge. Microsoft Teams as an innovative online learning platform provides unique features to enhance its potential to help CCC lecturers conduct better interaction while facilitating a positive online learning environment. This research aimed at exploring teachers’ perceptions of online learning via Microsoft Teams. The study was conducted with twenty-eight teachers at the Corozal Community College. Data was collected by using surveys and was distributed to the teachers through google forms. The data obtained was analyzed descriptively. The findings of the research revealed that online learning via Microsoft Teams is categorized as something new for the teachers but this interaction and learning environment motivates them to participate in online learning, as a result, they can easily comprehend teaching materials and can better equip students with information.