Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online Learning Platforms at Independence High School


  • Delvin Jacobs University of Belize
  • Darlee Gonzalez University of Belize
  • Christopher Ortiz University of Belize
  • Warren Garcia University of Belize


Schools have been using the general approach of face-to-face learning for over a century. The use of the internet along-side learning platforms (such as Moodle, Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy and many others) are relatively new to academia. In Belize, most schools still mainly depend on face-to-face lectures that take place in a classroom. Although many academic facilities have been in practice to merge both online learning and face-to-face sessions, we still mainly rely on the latter. In the past year, the world has been struck by the largest virus outbreak since the 2009, H1N1 Influenza virus. Covid-19 was officially declared a pandemic in March 2020. Economies were shut down because of this and schools have had to adapt to using online platforms to facilitate the demand for education in the time of crisis. This adaptation came without warning to most schools. Independence High School was the focus for this study. The learning platforms the facility decided to use are Moodle, Edmodo and Abacus.