Evaluating Learning Management Systems at Belmopan Methodist High School: A Task Technology Fit Approach


  • Alyssa Guerra Student


Task Technology Fit, Belize, Learning Management Systems, Secondary Institutions


Technology is ever changing and as such, we must continue to evaluate how this affects our learning environment. This study makes use of the Goodhue and Thompson Updated Information System Success Model to evaluate the effectiveness of Google Suites at a secondary institution in Belize. The module comprises four sections namely Task- technology Fit, Consumerization Attitude, Perceived Impact on Teaching and Expected Consequence of Learning Management System (LMS) use. The constructs helped gain a better understanding of Google Suites success and effectiveness. The method of measurement was a survey questionnaire for teachers at Belmopan Methodist Highschool. The results, represented using histograms, indicated that the teachers have a positive response to the constructs of task technology fit, perceived impact on teaching and the expected consequence of LMS use. Consumerization Attitude responses varied due to the fact that most of the teachers have not utilized an LMS other than Google Suites. Overall, the Google Suites utilized by the Belmopan Methodist High School proved successful under the task technology fit theory.