A Task-Technology Fit View of Learning Management Systems Impact on Teaching at a Primary School in Belize


  • Elisio Teck University of Belize




The way in which teachers throughout Belize provide classes has changed dramatically since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic in March of 2020. Schools nationwide were shut down and online learning became the new norm. This paper uses McGill, T. J., & Klobas, J. E. (2009) previous research paper A task Technology Fit view of learning. As well as Mcgill, T., Klobas, J., & Renzi, S. (2008) The Relationship between LMS Use and Teacher Performance: The Role of Task-Technology Fit as a benchmark to study the impact that the use of LMS has on teachers and their productivity and efficiency. A TTF model was created based on previous literature to answer the main research question. A quantitative study was conducted in order to obtain data relating to the Perceived Impact of LMS on Teaching. The results showed that task technology fit (TTF) has direct influence on the teacher’s perspective of the LMS on their performance. Along with the Expected consequences of LMS use which like perceived impact on teaching are positively impacted by the (TTF) of the LMS. The level of consumerization attitude in the end has no real control on the impacts of LMS on the teachers performance but reveals that there is room for improvement in terms of the LMS used at the primary school.