A Task-Technology Fit View of Learning Management System Impact at St. John's Junior College


  • Abdias Mai University of Belize


Learning Management System, Task Technology Fit


The Learning Management System has become widely utilized by primary schools, High Schools and Universities in Belize, because of Covid-19 everyone was forced to stay home and pursue education from home, now computing and communications is mostly done via online to achieve education. Task Technology Fit (TTF) is known to influence the manner in which information is utilized and the performance of the individual utilizing the information, there is a linkage between Information system and performance; the strength of the link between a technology characteristic and its Task-technology fit is dependent upon how important that technological characteristic is, given the task demands and the capabilities of the user (Irick, 2008). The research on the effectiveness of Task Technology Fit measures the perceptions of the teachers doing the online classes via google classroom. Through the literature review an evaluation of the Task-technology fit (TFF) model is examined TTF among developing countries and utilized to measure Learning Management systems (LMS), as well as how it is utilized to achieve the goal of an effective Learning Management System.