Assessing Lecture’s Perception on the Effectiveness of Moodle on Learning at the Corozal Junior College


  • Emir Cabb University of Belize




Abstract This research paper consists of five sections: Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Data Analysis, Conclusion and Recommendations. The research was conducted to assess the lecturers’ perception on the effectiveness of Moodle on learning at Corozal Junior College. The literature gathered was found on EBSCOhost Belize online library, providing the comparison of studies among different literature reviews that have been made on different countries that use Moodle for educational purposes. Quantitative methodology was used to conduct this study; 80% of the lecturers from Corozal Junior College were sampled using a non-probability sampling technique. E-questionnaires were distributed to each of the respondents. The gathered data was analyzed and interpreted; we conclude that Moodle is very effective and efficient for both the lecturers and students, not only at Corozal Junior College but also at any educational level for online teaching. Additionally, we were also enlightened that whenever the world or a particular country faces any adversity; these ODL applications come in handy and meet all requirements to provide school material to students at their own convenience and comfort of their homes.