Task Technology Fit - Lecturers Perceptions of Learning Management Systems


  • Alyssa Stevens Alyssa Stevens University of Belize
  • Tracey Dawson Tracey Dawson University of Belize
  • Arlen Ireland Arlen Ireland University of Belize


In higher education, learning management systems known as LMS are commonly used. We’ve especially seen the use of management systems since the start of the pandemic Covid-19 dated back to 31 December 2019. Ever since schools have been forced to further implement LMS rather than face-to-face learning. One aspect that has been shown to affect both the use of information systems and their success impacts is task technology fit. A task technology fit survey was used as a structure in this study to understand lecturers perceptions of the LMS used, to answer the question of how the learning management system impacts effectiveness and to understand what can be improved within these learning management systems. The results back up the significance of task technology fit, which influenced learning outcomes both directly and indirectly through utilization.