Vol 2 No 1 (2018): Proceedings of the Second Annual Research for National Development Conference

Published: 2019-05-03

Evaluating the Success of the Learning Management System at University of Belize.

Andrew William Meighan, Moniece Opal Ferguson, Alexander Matthew Seawell, Adrianna Castillo, Cherisse Burgies

An Evaluation of the Reservation and Property Management System at a Resort in the Belize Tourism Industry

Mildred Jicella Calderon, Rubi Danissa Mayen, Jinelle Stephanie Novelo, Corrina Odalis Miranda, Joanne Moore

An Evaluation of a Telecommunication Company's Mobile 4G Internet Device: A Users Perspective

Shenera Joshlyn Bregal, Ashley Alexis Middleton, Nancy Nayellie Perez, Curly Tiffan Guy, Euan Dajour Thompson

Research for National Development Conference THE AIRLINE OF BELIZE

Eleanor Sheppard, Jaywin Gregory Pandy, Mr., Genellie Deanne Alvarez, Ms., LLewylyn Franklin Sutherland, Mr.

Evaluating the Success of “Connect First” Information System Utilized by the Office Gurus

Teresita Chun, Jasmin Esmeralda Campos-Peralta, Lanny Isser Mendez, Dian Guadalupe Rodriguez-Oliva

The Effectiveness of the UPOS system

Kiana Altrice Nunez, Shelby DeeAnn Musa, Zane Rennon Young, Jennylyn Antonette Edwards, Samantha Nohely Martin

An Empirical Study Measuring the Success of an Information Technology Department’s Information System

Camila Bolon, Giovan Jenri Guerra, Rubi Gabriela Hoare, Delmi Victoria Garcia

Assessing the Success of a Custom's Automated Information System

Sheridan Shanice Smith, Sichaga Wiea Samuels, 2016114882, Karina Windy Bernard, karinabernard, Sherika Isola Burton, 2016114980, Kevin Cadle, 2017117099

The Effectiveness of An Information System_The Case at a Tourism Based Organisation in Belize

Alma Guadalupe Urbina, Brian Alexander Guardado, Rony Adali Espinosa, Aaron Austin Alexander Gentle

Evaluating the Effectiveness Of Moodle at Scared Heart College

Andrea Eunice Gongora, Juan Tuyub, Freddy Martinez, Lucy Salazar, Lucy Salazar

Analyzing the Success of the Learning Management System at a Tertiary Level Institution in Belize: A Developing Country Standpoint

Kylee Marie Joseph, Sheila Valentina Arjona, Gilda Diana Marin, Monica Aurdette Escarpeta, Janet Klassen

Calculating the Success of Moodle at the University of Belize

Nashira Aminta Bradley, Caithlyn Clare, Kera Garcia, Darina Martinez, Keith James, Dinah August

Evaluating the Success of the Xenegrade Registration System

julissa ann jackson, Krystel Lotiff, Marleni Rodriguez

The Effectiveness of the Moodle System at the University of Belize

Jo-Anne Sanchez, Jolene Bernrdez, Herline Euceda, Izel Nicholas

1. Determining the effectiveness of the hybrid system used by Centaur Cable Network

Melissa Ann Dominguez, Anita Eck, Kenmore Hyde, Udelia Catch, Ebony Gentle

Benefits and Reliability of Belize Electricity Online Portal for Customers

gennese gennine felix, Craghan Cleland, Nyssa Magana, Brianna James


Neidy Tun, Esban Pol, Leticia Medina, Lizette Arana

Evaluating the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Belize Telemedia Limited Online System

Golda Ludvika Perez, Rizy Sharain Rodriguez, Vinnessa Aysha Reneau